DPY Token

Token with application to the consumer markets

What are prediction markets?

A prediction market allows individuals to trade on the outcomes of events. Traders who accurately forecast outcomes financially benefit, while those who make incorrect predictions lose their stake. This financial incentive to forecast results in surprising accuracy because people with good information have a financial incentive to participate in those markets.

Crowdsourcing Wisdom

Only prediction markets company based in China.

Management Team



Master Degree of Information Economics from Michigan University, Bachelor Degree of Information Management from Peking University. Blockchain entrepreneur and technical expert. Co-founder of Factom and Wanglutech, which brings Blockchain technology to a greater range of applications.


VP of Business Development

MBA from Cornell University, double-degree of Computer Science and Economics from Centre College. Held leadership roles’ in GE, Morgan Stanley, and founder and CEO of Orthogonal Inc and Torque Tech Capital. Almost 20 years of experience in diverse range of industries and markets ranging in size from start-ups to multinational organizations.


Product Managing Director

Founder and lead developer of JUZI Browser, ranked No. 6 among all internet browsers in China. More than 10 years of experience in developing and product operation management. Original member of early Qihoo 360.


Marketing Director

Former marketing lead in SG China, with over 10 years of Marketing experience. Bachelor of Computer Information System and Management from Fudan University.

Board of Advisors

Bo Shen

Founder of FENBUSHI Capital

Gang Wu

Founder of Bixin.com

Roland Sun

Partner of Broad & Bright

James Gong

Founder of ChainB.com

Why invest in DPY Token?

Experience Team

The management team is comprised of very experienced entrepreneurs who have launched several products.

Sizable Market

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested into prediction markets over the past year. The ability to more properly forecast economic events will be worth trillions of dollars.

Token Economics

DPY token appreciates based on supply and demand economics. This allows DPY platform to provide services for extremely low fees. Low fees result in more consumer demand for DPY token.


Delphy is the only prediction markets company based in China. While Delphy will expand internationally, East Asia represents the largest pool of token holders.

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